The Magic of Gratitude

Thank you all for your lovely comments…Welcome once again! Thanksgiving is a great reminder to be in gratitude, but it’s something we can cultivate daily. There truly is something magical about having an attitude of gratitude, and it can always be found with a bit of willingness. I remember hearing about a family who transformed their relationship by taking a few moments every day to express something they were grateful for about eachother.

Gratitude is the cure for self pity. Sometimes you have to act your way into right thinking, but with a simple gratitude list, eventually the mind will follow, changing your view of yourself and your life. Sometimes I start with: I can breathe, think, see, talk, I have health, peace of mind, friends … There are a thousand things you could list, and reading this article may or may not be one of them … but either way, it works!

It’s easy to be swayed by all the negativity we’re fed daily, the endless messages that we’re simply not good enough. It takes willingness and vigilance to train your mind to see your greatness and focus on that. It’s worth the work. Sometimes knowing that someone else sees it in you, helps you to see it also. And I do.



Copyright 2009 Dallas Malloy


  1. You have an amazing outlook on life. You’re beautiful in so many ways. Uplifting and always full of support.There is no better person than you to have on their side.

  2. Thanks for the reminder and for listening with your heart! Your words have inspired me to remember to be grateful for all I am today.

  3. Dallas,

    What a great way to look at things. Right now I’m on the family farm in North Carolina, helping my family deal with some challenges as they help me deal with a few as well. And I can tell you we are all very grateful for each other right now.

    Be well and continued success!
    larry at Big Back Grips

  4. Good writings Dallas, in search of some inspiration, I opened up your email and your blog was there, read it, and stimulated brain activity that told me I should really be thankful for all that I got.

    Thanks alot

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