The Greatest Gift

Merry Christmas~Happy Chanukah~Happy New Year! I love this time to reflect over the past year … which has been both awesome and terrible! But it’s easy to be grateful when things are going your way, it takes character building to find the glory in the hard times. But that’s when it really counts.

Some people are melancholy this time of year. I think the gift-giving pressure and the guilt that goes with it can be deflating, and worse, material things aren’t the true purpose of the season. My dad was coming to town to visit and we were going to see a movie. On the phone, figuring out which movie and details, he said, it doesn’t really matter to me, the movie is just an excuse to spend time with you. You don’t need an excuse, I thought. Sweet Dad.

The greatest gift by far is TIME. In it can be found appreciation, joy, respect, problems solved, ideas launched, insights revealed, limitless possibilities … You are a gift yourself, and you never know how your presence can change someone’s life in a single moment, just by being there in the present, listening. No material thing can give you that, it’s priceless and can have an effect that lasts forever.

I’ve never let a date on the calendar dictate my life i.e. January 1st, because the opportunity for change is always here and now. Enjoy the gift, these precious moments of your life.

As always, thank you all for your comments–they are appreciated!



Copyright 2009 Dallas Malloy


  1. Excellent blog Dallas! Straight from the heart makes us all think. Keep you friends and family close. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!

  2. Dallas you’re a legend!

    Thanks for your fantastically positive philosophical musings. I miss hanging out with you and the gang in L.A.

    Hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday period and a great new years bash when ever that will be for you:)

    Love Bryan (AUSTRALIA)

  3. Hi Dallas, you are always so positive and thoughtful and I truly appreciate your insights. I am so glad you spent some time with your Dad. I am a caregiver for my Dad and the only relative here in Orange County. He wasn’t feeling too well on Christmas so I made him a little meal and then he went back to sleep. I sat and watched movies in the living room while he slept. I think he just liked the idea of my presence in his home. He’s 83 years of age and I am still very blessed to have him with me.

    As always, thank-you so much for sharing your heart so openly. I pray that 2010 will bring many wonderful opportunities to share your creative gifts with the world.

    Happy New Year!

  4. You are right Dallas the holidays can stress people to the edge. it’s not about the materialistic things you receive but those you get to be with. Your dad had the right idea it wouldn’t matter what you two were doing just the fact that you are spending time together is what makes it a wonderful experience. You are wonderful and thanks for reminding everyone what the real meaning of holidays are.

  5. Dallas,
    Aw, that was very sweet what your dad said to you. That’s wonderful that you two have such a great relationship. I must admit I’m jealous.
    I’ve heard that the greatest gift you can give your child is your time but it does hold true for everyone.
    All the best,

  6. Dallas, I always feel the way you said it but cannot find any better way to say it. This is the firs CHRISTmas I was not with my Mom and Dad and it is a empty feeling with such sadness. I do know however that this is God’s plan and we will reunite together again in a much better place. I wish you the very best and happiness always. Take the best of care, Keith

  7. Its been our pleasure to have an great friend like you in our life. Just its an Honor for me.

    Happy new year and take care

  8. Dallas your spirit is so sweet and sensitive, your outer appearance reflects a perfect feminine physique that’s hard and tough but inside you are as soft as a feather and as caring as anyone can ask you to be. Thank you for your contribution to Shapin America and we will get the masses to unite for one common goal health and happiness.

  9. Dallas, your words reminded me of a supportive co-worker of mine, who has reached out to me recently. She, too, is a good listener. I can better appreciate these freely given gifts today. I don’t like to make resolutions for an upcoming new year, yet my heart is willing today to help my head show me the next step in staying more present and mindful with each new day. Thanks for sharing your spirituality. Happy New Year!


  10. You know material things are worth nothing or not much unless you have someone to share it with. I found that in the past. I may have had lots of material things, but I felt something was missing. I didn’t have someone to share my life with. I think my life is complete at this point. I found that spending time with someone and having someone to share these things with is a gift. I had a wonderful Christmas filled with family. I thought I’d never have that again. Bountiful is the word! Thank you for always sharing with me! With love, Steve

  11. Another inspiring message…and so full of truth and personal experience it made me well up right here in Dulles airport, enroute to LA from what will ALWAYS be home, Maine. I wish I knew how much time I did have with all my loved ones, especially my dad…the only parent I have left. But I know we are all here now and now is just fine with me! Happy happy new year!

  12. True, Dallas, very true. It was wonderful seeing you on Christmas…even if you were on the other side of the globe!

  13. You got that right, Dallas. Somewhere along the way we got caught up in the material things and forgot it’s the people we love that need to have that love reaffirmed – not with possessions but with ourselves.
    May God continue to bless you in the new year. I am blessed with our friendship.

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