1. Hi Dallas,
    Amazing body of work you have, from the arts to the sculpture of your own physique. I’m a big admirer of your screen work, including the “Worship” short film.
    Just thought you should know that the link for your Transpire interview has moved to the following address: http://www.transpiremag.com/2013/09/19/dallas-malloy-unshakeably-drivenvisionary-force-of-good-2/

    Wishing you the best in all of your pursuits, you are an inspiration to many!

  2. Hey Dallas,
    Great to see that you have so many strings in your bow. You must be very happy to see women’s boxing make its debut at the Olympics nearly 20 years after your perseverance resulted in your participation in the first US amateur women’s match. You were so articulate in “Strong Words”, yet you came across as humble because there were more (intelligent) questions than answers. The emotion you showed in “Worship” was convincing. You’re a great pianist and have an interest in foreign languages. Yes, you’re an inspiration, not only to women but also to men who may have thought that beauty, strength and intelligence can’t co-exist. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next.

  3. Hi Dallas:
    Wow! your site is really impresive. Question, I’m a 55 yr old female with some knee problems. I recently lost 35lbs but was left with a flat butt & really skinny legs. Will weight training benefit me.

  4. Dallas- My dog just walked by and slobbered on my computer keys! I know you can relate and undertand. What a crazy and wacky world we live in when I can keep up with you through the vast resource of the internet, but for you to keep up with me I have to blog about dog slobbe on your site! A little cat that doesn’t exist told me you were going to be in the new Kristi Alley TV show! Get her in shape baby! I love you Dallas and I miss you everyday! Your brother from another mother – KEITH (not so phenom) BOYD!!!!!

  5. Hi Dallas, CONGRATULATIONS on your success at this past competition. I was pulling for you tho I could not physically be there. The very best of luck with your acting carrier and maybe one day we could work together. That would be fun. Take care and stay in touch, Keith

    1. Dear Dallas Malloy I just want to say how are you and how are things what makes you to have muscle’s what best thing about being bodybuilder I watch your video’s I like it you got great videos what best thing about being acter I hope you have great day and good luck making more videos

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