Pianist & Instructor

Dallas Malloy on Piano

Professional Pianist, Composer & Performer

  • Dallas has performed classical piano and original compositions in over 450 recitals, talent shows, concerts and presentations for theater, stage, film and TV
  • Created and performed over 25 one-person performance art presentations utilizing piano playing, acting, athletics, and original written material in over 15 venues
  • Plays variety of classical, contemporary, blues, oldies and jazz
  • Child piano prodigy with perfect pitch
  • Composed 150 pieces for the piano

Piano Instructor

Study with Dallas from anywhere via Zoom/Facetime!

  • Extensive experience as professional instructor
  • Dallas instructs students as young as 4 years old
  • Passion for teaching students from children to adults
  • Provides comfortable, fun, safe environment for learning
  • Creates uniquely tailored program of study to fit each student
  • Teaches how to read and write music, classical and contemporary
  • Excellent attitude, honest, reliable

Email for Bookings and Instructor rates:


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