“Dallas added something (and someone!) truly unique to my shoot, something I don’t say lightly in a town full of great talent.”-Marcel Sarmiento, ABCs of Death

“Dallas, you were just amazing, as I knew you would be. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.  I’ve heard nothing but praise about your performance.  You have the soul of a fighter AND an artist.  That’s rare. And it’s special when you let down your guard and open up about yourself. People genuinely appreciated it.  Thank you!”-Larry Dean Harris, Strong Words

“Dallas Malloy is versatile as a Swiss Army knife, punctual as a Swatch Watch and tenacious as a bulldog.  In contrast to the unwashed masses of needy, aimless transplants from Timbuktu, Dallas gets it. And Dallas gets it right.”-Andy Libby Award-Winning Director of EAVESDROPPER: LA’s Longest-Running Play



Dallas’ IMDb Page




Starring Dallas

Clip from Dallas’ Guest Starring Role on Eli Stone “Two Ministers”

“SuperBowl Sleepover” featuring Dallas

Dallas on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Light of Love” by Music Go Music

Part 1 of 2 Dallas’ Scenes from Eli Stone

Part 2 of 2 Dallas’ Scenes from Eli Stone

Rotofugi Toy Commercial at :30

Click Here to watch episode of ‘Back on Topps’ featuring Dallas




  1. Now this is precisely what I’ve been looking for. Detailed, informative, and RELIABLE. I seriously feel there should be a literacy assessment for first time site owners. You would pass no doubt, but I feel more than 85% of all sites would vanish, haha.

  2. Hello Dallas, just saw u in the Gaga video and that was awesome! I like your style and everything what u stand for! Go on! M.

  3. Great videos Dallas. When are you going to start singing? You do everything else very well…so why not? 🙂

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