Certified Personal Trainer


Personal Fitness Training


Virtual Training / In – Person


Dallas Malloy, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, BCS, YFS, WFS

  • Leader in fitness and athletics                                 Copy of BOXING COLLAGE
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Former Champion Bodybuilder
  • Pioneer in Women’s Boxing
  • Women’s fitness specialist (WFS)
  • Youth fitness specialist (YFS)
  • Expertise in coaching, motivating, total lifestyle transformation
  • Specialty experience in weight loss, strength training, core / balance, boxing, bodybuilding, nutrition consulting, flexibility, self defense, mental focus training

Personal Training Experience

  • Has trained over 1500 clients including beginners and professional athletesIMG_0941
  • Inspires clients to transform with weights, core/balance, flexibility, boxing, self defense, nutrition consulting, mental focus training for optimum results
  • Has helped clients go from being overweight to running marathons
  • Prepares clients to compete and succeed in bodybuilding competitions
  • Educates clients with practical proven strategies for lifelong health and fitness
  • Creates uniquely tailored training programs for all skill levels, male and female

Related Professional Experience

  • Former champion bodybuilder-won multiple titles and repeat guest poser
  • Made boxing history at 16 when I became the first female to have a sanctioned bout between two females after winning a discrimination lawsuit, forcing the United States Amateur Boxing Federation to set up a women’s division, and winning by unanimous decision-I later portrayed myself in the opening of Jerry Maguire as Tom Cruise narrates my true story
  • Certified in Naturopathy-natural medicine utilizing herbs and nutrition


  • Online Fitness & Wellness Training via Zoom/Facetime-real help from a professional-me!
  • A home training workout routine tailored just for you!  No gym membership required.
  • Depending on your needs, workouts can include: weight training, nutrition consulting, core & balance techniques, flexibility
  • Wellness Coaching via Phone–follow up Skype training for accountability–for results!
  • Nutrition Consulting & Meal Planning
  • Email support–receive real ongoing support and motivation from me–stay accountable and reach your goals
  • Athlete programs-Boxing technique, strategy and fight preparation, Competitive bodybuilding preparation-posing technique and routine choreography, dieting down, mental preparation

Whether you are a beginner that has never touched a weight in your life, someone looking to lose a few pounds, someone looking to gain muscle, a bodybuilder preparing for competition, or anything in between, I can help you!

Contact for training package rates:



“I highly recommend Dallas Malloy. Dallas had been my trainer for over a year. She is a great trainer, I saw results in my body within a month of working with her. Not only is she a great trainer she is well educated in nutrition, which was much needed in my achieving my goal. Dallas is supportive and inspirational in helping me to attain my goal. Always on time, flexible scheduling and willing to educate me with her expertise on physical health. And her training regime is never boring.”
-Roma Maffia


“I have been working with Dallas for two months now and it has been incredible!  In addition to her knowledge about the body and how to transform it, she understands the importance of the mind in creating real change.  I am 55 years old and for over 22 years, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have been dangerously high despite taking two medications and trying various forms of exercise.  As a result of these two months working with Dallas, my blood work finally came back normal!  This woman is a miracle worker!”
-Dr. Dave Smiley


“Dallas is an excellent trainer with exceptional skills and attention to detail. I have completely changed my attitude toward lifting weights, she has motivated me, now I look forward to getting to the gym. It’s been a month since we started to train, I can already see results. My self esteem is growing and have never felt this good. Thank you Dallas!”
-Hugo de Loera


“My wife has been working with Dallas for a several year now, and her fantastic progress inspired me to start training. I was rapidly becoming the portrait of poor health. Before beginning training, I was a pack a day smoker, and perpetual fast-food devourer. In the last 2 months however, I’ve seen substantial progress. When I first started I could barely run for 20 minutes, and was quite intimidated by the idea of working out at a gym. I’ve since ditched the cigarettes, am now doing regular high intensity interval training, and am much more comfortable at the gym. I have also become much stronger, more confident, and have considerably more energy! Dallas doesn’t just focus on the exercises themselves; she understands people and makes training fun as well as continuously rewarding. There’s certainly been days when I have had a very hard time finding the motivation to train, and with Dallas’s support and encouragement I’ve been able to stick to it.”
-Rod Treweek



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