—October 30th—
–Dallas’ 20 Year Boxing Anniversary–


Read a portion of her boxing memoir in progress HERE






Dallas’ Piano Performance & Reading Original Written Work

Strong Words XII 4.21.13



Dallas Piano Performance & Original Written Work
“Christmas in the City of Angels”

From Strong Words IX, Spoken Word & Art Event, 12.16.12







Photos by Olivia Fougeirol-ESPN, Tim Berger-Glendale News Press, AMC Photography, Brian Vander Brug-LA Times, Bob Delgadillo




(Photo by Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / July 12, 2012)





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The film stars Matthew James (“Angel”), Akihiro Kitamura (“The Human Centipede”), Sarah Kozer (“Joe Millionaire”) and Dallas Malloy (“Jerry Maguire”). Purchase your advanced tickets now:



Featuring Dallas



AFI Short Film Starring Dallas Malloy










Dallas featured on INSIDE EDITION 5.8.12

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Dallas featured in a sketch on CONAN 4.12.12 on TBS:



Dallas reading original work at Strong Words III 3.25.12:



PRESS RELEASE: Dallas appearing in spoken word event at Silverlake Studio-read more…


Dallas Piano Performance:



PRESS RELEASE: Dallas to highlight spoken word event at Silverlake Studio-read more…



Dallas is featured in The Birmingham Times:



Dallas featured in the Glendale News Press, distributed by the LA Times–check it out:


Speaking at the Burbank International Film Festival:

Dallas Malloy

Sunday September 18th
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Dallas “The Phenom” Malloy
– Iconoclast and BIFF “One To Watch”

She fought to be the first sanctioned female amateur boxer. A champion bodybuilder, she’s carved a niche for herself in the film industry. She’s one tough contender, and she’ll share her latest projects, and her lessons learned in making it all happen, including TWO documentaries sure to make a splash on the Hollywood scene.
Credits: Jerry Maguire, Dragon Slayerz, The Rule of Law, True Blood, Nipples and Palm Trees.

The first sanctioned U.S. female amateur boxer, and the 1st Place Heavyweight and Overall winner of the 2009 Tournament of Champions Bodybuilding Competition.

Original Link:

Press Release:


Excerpt from Dallas’ Memoir in Progress

as a Boxing Pioneer:


“Dallas Malloy is versatile as a Swiss Army knife, punctual as a Swatch Watch and tenacious as a bulldog.  In contrast to the unwashed masses of needy, stupid and aimless transplants from Timbuktu, Dallas gets it. And Dallas gets it right.”

–Andy Libby Award-Winning Director of EAVESDROPPER: LA’s Longest-Running Play

“Thank you to my beautiful friends and fans for your love, support and loyalty, you are appreciated.

It is my hope that you find the inspiration and passion that is inside you, and do what you want to do in life.”



The Relentless Dallas Malloy~

1999 World Cup ACLU African American allow girls Amateur Wrestling American football American Soccer League Arizona Interscholastic Association Arizona Republic Arkansas Activities Association athletic Babe Didrikson Zaharias Babe Ruth basketball Board of Education Champaign Chicago Tribune CHSAA Civil Rights coeducational Colorado Medical Society Connecticut contact sports Creighton Hale Darlington Duke University equal protection clause equal rights amendment exclude girls federal district court female boxers Female Gladiators field hockey Fourteenth Amendment Frank Deford gender discrimination gender equality gender segregation Gerald Early Goesaert Golden Gloves Golden High School heterosexual homoeroticism homosexuality ice hockey Illinois intermediate scrutiny Iowa Jersey John Paul Stevens Karen O’Connor Kennesaw Mountain Landis lawsuits liberal feminism Little League Baseball masculine Massachusetts MIAA Mike Tyson NASL National Hockey League NCAA Nebraska Newsweek NJSIAA noncontact sports OHSAA Oklahoma Pierce City professional wrestling Rhode Island Rugby Football school district separate but equal sexual harassment softball Sports Illustrated strict scrutiny summary judgment Tennessee Texas Theodore Roosevelt TIWA TSSAA University Interscholastic League USA Rugby Virginia Military Institute volleyball Washington Supreme Court WIAA World Wrestling Entertainment WVSSAC Yellow Springs York Cosmos




Photos by Olivia Fougeirol-ESPN, Tim Berger-Glendale News Press, AMC Photography, Brian Vander Brug-LA Times, Bob Delgadillo




(Photo by Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / July 12, 2012)



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Dallas Malloy
aka: The Phenom

Celebrity Champion Bodybuilder & Boxer, the story of “The Phenom”,
Current 1st place Overall and Heavy Weight Champion of the 2009
NPC Tournament of Champions Bodybuilding Competition
and Ground-Breaking Actor.

By Bobbi Miller-Moro

What does one say about Dallas Malloy? In sitting down to write this article, it became clear it would be a challenge to not turn this into a book or a novel. Anyone who knows Dallas would understand why. First, it is the apparent accolades, but then you meet her.

At 16, she made Boxing history when she filed a discrimination lawsuit against the USA’s Boxings bylaws in Federal Court in order to be allowed to box, and won. Until then women were excluded from amateur boxing. She won the first ever sanctioned match by unanimous decision.

Before that, at 6 years old she was trained as a classical pianist and later as a violist and violinist.  She composed music, wrote poetry and novels. She knew she wanted to act, with an insatiable desire to learn and a driving force that defies nature-she knew she can do anything. She later studied German and Krav Maga.

Back home in Bellingham, Washington her parents just supported her, they knew that whatever Dallas wanted to do; she did.

In a single moment she intuitively knew she would be an actor, that it was perfect.  She was so intrigued by Marlon Brando’s style as an actor, and his character from On the Waterfront (a former boxer) that she was inspired to box.  So she did, later to portray herself in the opening scene of Jerry Maguire, when Tom Cruise’s character spelled out clearly that “Dallas Malloy made boxing history when she was just 16”.

Films being a major influence in her life, she admired Linda Hamilton doing pull ups in Terminator II, Arnold’s physique and the strength and grittiness behind the movie gripped her, and she set out to acquire a ripped body. As she began to train, she saw Bev Francis in Pumpin Iron II and loved her build; and a body builder was born.

In 2006 Dallas began competitive body building. She became a nationally recognized Champion Body Builder competing in Jr. California 2006, winning 2nd place, 1st Place Collegiate, Jr. California 2007, winning 1st place and Best Poser, Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach 2007 winning 2nd place.

She recently competed in Venice, Ca ‘Muscle Beach Championship Bodybuilding “Labor Day” Competition 2009 winning the Best Back Award. Her biggest challenge to date was the 2009 NPC Tournament of Champions Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships, sponsored by GNC, which she won 1st place Overall and 1st Place Heavyweight Winner qualifying her to go to the Nationals.

This is what she lives for, but that is just the surface. What lies under all of those tanned ripped muscles is a gentle giant with a heart of gold and a burning desire to act. So that is exactly what she set out to do.

Guest starring roles on film and TV including first the scene as herself in Jerry Maguire, and a major guest starring role on Eli Stone. Rarely achieved, she has had numerous roles that were written in for her due to her unique qualities and out-of-this-world talent as a Champion show stopper.

She has been featured and guest starred in the films American Dog, So Far Kush, Dragon Slayerz, Postcards. In television, she has co-starred guest starred or featured in True Blood, My Family Tree, Burning Hollywood.

You could next see her in the independent comedy feature film Lean Like A Cholo (2010) produced by Urban Family Entertainment. She showcases her unique quality looking and acting like a trans gender.

She plays a man and woman as convincingly as humanly possibly. With a drop of her voice, no make-up and hair pulled back she looks like an ordinary, built handsome man. And with a switch of clothes, red lipstick and acrylic nails; her blond hair framing her ice blue eyes; she has an angelic face with a body of a Arch Angel Michael.

I asked her about playing a trans gender character on ABC’s Eli Stone; this is what she had to say, “That was one of those dream characters where I felt instantly connected from the moment I heard about him–I was playing a male transsexual minister who has been fired from him church after transitioning from female to male.  I completely became this character and made it my own, he was different, misunderstood, spiritual, and determined to do what he loves.  I got it.”

Not only is she a groundbreaking female athlete, but a champion competitive bodybuilder, writer, and personal trainer, but excellent actress.

“I’ve just always gone my own way, I’ve always been driven, compelled to do what I love, and I never question it.  Discipline, believing in myself, commitment, integrity, being fearless about doing what I want to do regardless of what anyone thinks–these things are essential to me.”

But, it always hasn’t been so sunny in Dallas land, there has been a serious battle with addiction that she has powerfully overcome,  and is now helping others. “When my drive has gone in the wrong direction it’s taken me down a totally self destructive path.  And though it has been quite an undertaking, overcoming addiction continues to be a great gift.

Her daily practices of ‘balancing her mind and body in training, her Spiritual prayer and meditation, living in the moment, staying conscious, and physically working out, continuing to become more intuitive as to what my body needs, and what my mind needs’ is what has propelled this humble champion into the stratosphere.

She has no desire to choose acting over bodybuilding, she will always do both. In asking how she felt about acting, her response, ” The more I have studied acting-through both study and experience, it is continually confirmed for me that this craft is so perfect for me.  It is an intelligent art, and I’ve always loved psychology and have always been very introspective, this all benefits my acting.

In asking about her acting techniques, Dallas says; “I studied Stanislavski with Jamie Paolenetti, which I’ve absolutely loved.  And I continue to find my own unique style, the more I know about myself, and the more I experience, learn and reflect, the better of an actor I am.  So it’s a continuous process of discovery, learning and creating.”

Her next big goal? She is writing a book on her life and overcoming addiction and living a balanced life while mastering discipline. She is single and at the moment admits it is hard for anyone to keep up with her.

When asking Dallas what advice would she give up and coming actors, she surmises; “You have to keep your mind focused exactly and specifically on what you want, think about it, create it, visualize it, eat, sleep and breathe it, and take the action to go with it. Getting out there to network, learn how to market yourself, study, audition, learn, grow, be patient.  And if that sounds like a lot of work, this may not be for you.  I think most people are not cut out for it, but if you believe you are, in the deepest part of you, that’s all you have to listen to.”

Dallas Malloy defies nature with her mysterious charisma, everything she touches turns to Champion. It could easily be said it runs in her family. She is truly a ‘Phenom’, she defies nature, reason, logic and what is the norm.

“People that say you can’t do something, that it’s impossible, or can’t be done, they’re always wrong.  Also, I would say to someone who has been judged and misunderstood, even hated, that someone else’s judgment doesn’t define you, you have to believe in yourself.  Believe in yourself, find those that believe in you and forget the rest.” -Dallas Malloy

She gives special thanks to: “Blanca Austin and Keith Boyd, for their loyalty, and for understanding me.  And my mom for her encouragement and support and my dad–who is a current World Champion competitive swimmer, because he gets it.

To contact Dallas:
Cheryl Murphy


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Dallas Malloy featured in “The Advocate”

Boxer Goes Trans for Eli Stone

Often perceived as male by confused casting agents, boxer-body builder turned actor Dallas Malloy felt a deep connection to the trans minister she plays on Eli Stone.

By Ross von Metzke
An exclusive posted December 30, 2008

Boxer Goes Trans for Eli Stone

Often perceived as male by confused casting agents, boxer-body builder turned actor Dallas Malloy felt a deep connection to the trans minister she plays on Eli Stone.

By Ross von Metzke

An exclusive posted December 30, 2008

Eli Stone may well be a victim of this year’s lengthy and destructive Writers Guild strike — along with shows including Dirty Sexy Money and Lipstick Jungle, which all have grim futures after seeing their first seasons cut short following the strike — but for boxer-body builder turned actor Dallas Malloy, the show was a career changer.

Malloy made history back in 1993 when, at just 16 years old, she filed a discrimination suit because females were excluded from amateur boxing. She won in court — and in the ring — and enjoyed a long and lucrative career in boxing and body building.

She later developed a passion for acting, but despite a brief appearance as herself in the film Jerry Maguire, gigs were few and far between — until now. Cast as a female-to-male transgender minister who has been fired from his church and seeks the help of lawyer Eli Stone, Malloy called this the role of a lifetime. Trans, male, drag queen — Malloy has heard it all while making the audition rounds, so relating to a character that was “just such a part of me” came easy.

And to think, given the current climate of television, the episode (airing Tuesday, December 30, at 10 p.m. Eastern) almost never saw the light of day. How did the gig on Eli Stone come about?
Dallas Malloy: It was an audition I went on. My agent told me about it and said they were having trouble finding the right person, They wanted someone who looked very much in the middle gender-wise. So they wanted me to come in. It was just one of those things — and the thing is, from the moment he told me the description of the character, he totally resonated with me. I just kind of fall in love [with a character] instantly; I’d just never had the sort of response I did with this one.

You just said something very interesting to me — that they were looking for someone who was “in the middle” gender-wise. What do you mean by that?
Well, I’m paraphrasing what my agent said. But they wanted someone who looked very androgynous and not specifically male or female. Even though I’m playing a transsexual male, they wanted someone who was very much in the middle.

Your history is so rich in the ways you might relate to this character. Through your history with boxing, you obviously know what it’s like to be discriminated against for your sex. How did that play into how you approached the character?
That’s just such a part of me … the way I see it, you go through life, and every experience helps to shape you. And, in some instances, make or break you. A lot of it, I think, is subconscious — I didn’t have to think about anything specifically; it’s just a part of me. I’ve always stood up for what I believe in, and to me, it’s a nonissue. That just never makes sense to me, discrimination like that. To me, the character’s passionate about what he wants — he wants to help others, but he has to be true to himself, and he felt he had to complete this transition in order to be who he was born to be. In some people’s eyes that’s controversial. To me, it’s not — it’s very simple. He just did what he had to do. It’s the same with me and boxing. I mean, I’m honored to have been the one to take that pass — maybe someone else wouldn’t have taken it on — but see, I can’t even imagine that. I’ve never stopped when I wanted to pursue something I loved.

Often perceived as male by confused casting agents, boxer-body builder turned actor Dallas Malloy felt a deep connection to the trans minister she plays on Eli Stone.

By Ross von Metzke

An exclusive posted December 30, 2008
Boxer Goes Trans for Eli Stone

(..Continued from page 1)

So, in moving to Los Angeles and pursuing acting, have you faced down some of that same discrimination again — in terms of what your “type” might be?
Yes, of course I do. On the one hand I could say every day I face it. A lot of times, though, it’s not blatant.

What’s something you hear over and over again?
Seriously, I can in one day have responses from people that are completely at the opposite ends of the scale. There’s people who think I’m the most beautiful female body builder there is, and then there’s other people who think I’m just horrible and hideous. Other people assume I’m probably a drag queen. None of this offends me — I just roll with it because I love being who I am. So I couldn’t really pinpoint one thing.

Do people ever make the assumption that you’re not female?
All the time. Probably 75% of the time they assume I’m not female. And a larger percent of the time, they’re just not sure — there’s always a doubt.

Does that make this character even closer to your heart, then? Because it sounds like what trans people face every day is, in a sense, something you face every day.
That’s very true. I think gender is very complex. We could talk about it for hours and still there’s more. I love that — but it frightens some people terribly. But I just think, this life is for me. It’s for living, it’s for experiencing, it’s for expressing who I am and learning and growing. Labels are limiting. I use them because I have to function in this society, but they’re subject to change. I used to say I see myself as genderless, but a good friend of mine who knows me pretty well said, “I don’t see you as genderless — I see you as genderful.”

So this being your big network TV debut — with Eli Stone canceled, was there a concern that they weren’t going to show your episode?
There was — it has been such an emotional, anxiety-provoking time the last couple months. There’s so many things — from the moment I heard about the role, there were so many parallels with me and the character, even down to things I would have said, to wording and description. Someone asked if it had been written for me, which is such a huge compliment. I felt so at one with it that, yeah, I was very concerned. For me, my Christmas wish was that I just wanted my show to air — and Christmas is my birthday, so I got my wish.

Click on video below to be directed to that site

TRUEBLOOD — Sunday night August 9th on HBO at 9pm


  1. Dallas!
    You are amazing and inspiring…just when I am getting down I receive another email with your inspirational stories & articles. Thanks for being a great example of a human being…and doing!!!! You rock, girl!
    Lots of love!

  2. Dallas,

    you are the best! I love you with all my heart! You will always be my “sister” and friend! I’m so incredibly proud of you and will always be your biggest fan. Anyone that doesn’t know Dallas should try! Dallas can be best described not as a person who follows the path of least resistance, but as the person who follows the path of most fulfillment! She is beautiful, kind, caring, humble, devoted, brave, intelligent, sexy, hungry, free, FUNNY and a friend! A truer definition does not exist! Dallas is a friend! To Dallas, just know I’m always here for anything you need! You are in my prayers every day and knowing you and watching you prosper is an amazing journey for me!

    With much love,


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